A Quick Whovian Rant

This contains a teeny spoiler of the Doctor Who nature, so please do not read if you haven’t finished Season 2 yet.

I just want to say, I’m on Season 3. How long have I been on Season 3? Hmmm…around 3 WEEKS. People, that is insane.

I will tell you why. Since the season two finale where I cried my eyes out, I have NOT been interested. Martha would be an amazing companion, but I miss my Rose! Apparently The Doctor does too, the way he completely ignores Martha and misses Rose. WHICH I UNDERSTAND. It’s like this.


Anyway, basically what I’m trying to say is I can’t wait until this season is over for me. The Doctor will maybe stop being so sad about Rose and so will I. My friend tells me it will get better once Matt Smith is The Doctor. Hard to believe, since I’m in love with David Tennant. But oh well…


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