Top Ten Tuesday


Hosted by Broke and Bookish

This week’s topic is most unusual character names I’ve encountered in books.

1. Peeta from The Hunger Games

Like, pita bread? I’ve never really understood this name.

2. America from The Selection

Why would you name your child after the your country’s old name? Though this is a name I find pretty, it’s too patriotic for me.

3. Cab from The Betsy-Tacy Series

4. Cassia from The Matched Trilogy 

5. Bettina from The Betsy-Tacy Series

I know, it’s Julia’s nickname for Betsy. But still.

6. Boris from The Princess Diaries Series

7. Nymphadora Tonks from The Harry Potter Series

“Dont. Call me. Nymphadora.”

8. Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit 

Bilbo? Really?

9. Smaug from The Hobbit

I know he’s a dragon. He’s still a character.

10. Renesmee from Breaking Dawn

No. Just no.


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