From a conflicted fan…

I am a New Englander. In (almost) everything that means – aside from the speech (well, I do say wicked as an adverb/adjective), and the “rude” -ness (although I don’t believe we are rude, just the Southerners are extremely nice). I eat lobster, not pronounced lobsta, and run on Dunkin’…well, I’m kind of a Starbucks girl. Getting back to the point, I have always been a Red Sox fan.

However, one of my very close friends (who is also a New Englander) has been raised to root for the Cardinals. And, yes fellow New Englanders, I think they are an amazing team too.

So who was I supposed to root for this World Series?

I ended up with my Red Sox. I just can’t give up my home team.

I will say that although I am very proud of the Sox the part of my friend in me was sad.

Who did you root for?


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