An Evening With Heather Vogel Frederick!

Last night I had the honor of spending a lovely evening with the one, the only…

Heather Vogel Frederick, author of The Mother Daughter Book Club Series and Once Upon A Toad!

I was invited to a late dinner hosted by the amazing Donna. It was such fun, as we played games, sang a couple songs, and ate until we had to be rolled out the door.

I loved chatting with MFA (My Favorite Author), and she even let me do a mini-interview! I was thrilled, and, truth be told, nervous. She put my qualms to rest because she was so warm and welcoming.

Here are the questions I asked and her answers (The parentheses are notes from me):

What are you currently reading?

I just finished Longbourn. It’s a retelling of Pride and Prejudice from the Bennet’s maid’s perspective. I really enjoyed it.

If you could meet a famous author, who would it be? Why?

Jane Austen. I absolutely love her and her books. However, I would be speechless because she is my idol (A little like me meeting her).

Are you into any TV shows?

Yes, Dance Academy. It’s an Australian show.

Where are your favorite places to travel?

England, the Oregon Coast, and Boston.

Are you currently writing a book?

Yes, Absolutely Truly, which is a mystery in a bookstore. It is coming out this time next year.

What started your love for writing?

Reading. Falling in love with the books and words and wanting to make my own. (Can you be more poetic in an interview? :) )

At this point I thanked her and even got a hug! It was a fantastic time, and she is seriously amazing. Although, I believe I was promised an interpretive dance…

She also shared with us her plan for her next book – so exciting!!

Here are a few pictures of me interviewing her

.photo 1-2

photo 3

photo 4

During which I was like this on the inside:


It was the best to meet HVF, and I hope I can see her again soon!


13 thoughts on “An Evening With Heather Vogel Frederick!

  1. Jane Blogger says:

    Hi! Let me introduce myself.
    I am a reader and writer, too. I have a blog as well that focuses a lot on Mrs.frederick’s series, TMDBC. I just made a spin-off chapter that I think you might enjoy! The adress is below.
    – Jane Blogger

    • rosetyler01 says:

      Wow, Blogger Jane! I really loved your fanfic – I wanted it to keep going! Your blog is amazing too. Maybe we could do a fellow blogger interview sometime? Keep reading and writing, Jane!

  2. Jane Blogger says:

    Thanks, and I will !
    Okay, maybe we could ( somehow– Although I’m not a genious with a computer). It would be fun! Thank you, and we can discuss the interview in the comment section.

  3. Jane Blogger says:

    Okay, will do. I will ask as soon as possible and get back to you just the same.
    -Jane Blogger
    (I will leave a comment telling you if they said yes or no)

  4. Jane Blogger says:

    They said yes :)
    So before you email me the questions can you tell me your email so I don’t accidentaly open spam or a virus or something?
    -Jane Blogger

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