The Problems With Being Busy

Hello everyone,

I am here today in shame. I have completely neglected to keep up with my blog. But do not get me wrong, I have plenty of excuses ;)

1. My Church’s Holiday Fair

Hooray! So much fun, and where I do most of  my Christmas shopping. I also float around and help where I am needed. Unfortunately, the week before is hectic. And stressful. All worth it, of course.

2. My Room

I have recently redecorated and rearranged my room. Oh, and cleaned out my closet. It looks fantastic by the way. However, it took a whole weekend.

3. Avoiding NaNoWriMo

Whoops. I wasn’t supposed to admit it. Yes, I am definitely horribly, horribly behind. I haven’t written anything in what? Two weeks? Three? 

These are my excuses. I apologize repeatedly.

So, what am I going to be doing productively?

1. Locally Shopping For Christmas

My Godmother Brunie and I are going to shopping locally this Saturday, since it is Small Business Saturday! Find out more about this here.

2. Decorating for Christmas

Oh yes, more Christmas! Not only in my room, but also all around the house! We always get a tree around this time.

3. Starting a New Novel

Whoot whoot! Not really sure what about yet, but a couple ideas are floating around in my head.

4. More Blog Posts!!!

That’s right People of the Interwebs! I will try to keep up with this STC regularly.

Thank you all for being so kind about my bad blogger-ness.


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