Successful Shopping!

As some of you may know, today was Small Business Saturday. My amazing Godmother Brunie (yes, I know it’s not a Doctor Who name) and I went to a couple of local shops where, as you can imagine, I ended up buying more for myself than for the people I needed to buy Christmas presents for.

The first shop we went to (after a scrumptious breakfast, might I add) was a book store. You all know I can’t resist them.

I bought myself two books, a poetry book and a travel book. I have been complaining for quite a while that I don’t have any poetry books, so it was so much fun to find one – for two dollars! SCORE!!


Brunie also bought me another poetry book. It was awesome!

Next we went to a cute little gift shop, where we shopped around for a bit before settling on two ornaments for our Betsy-Tacy Ornament Exchange. More on this later. Then I got a little (plaque? board?) thing for Amy (there we go, Doctor Who name).


It looked like this.

Then Brunie had to go to her hair appt. and I had to go home.

All in all, it was a fantastic day.

Thank you, Brunie!


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