My Tips To Fellow (Beginning) Bloggers

When I started this blog not so long ago, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. There were a few blogs that I was following that had inspired me to blog (thank you, Awkwordly Emma and The Broke and the Bookish!), but I didn’t understand how difficult it can be at times to have a blog. I wish someone had given me tips or at least shown me how to actually publish a post (a long, funny story for another time). So, here I am!

Tip #1: Before you start your blog, have a couple post ideas stored up for when you have no idea what to blog about.

There were days when after I had just started my blog where I had NO IDEA what to blog about. So then I would just have long periods were there were no new posts because I just couldn’t think of any. And, my dear readers, when there are less and less posts you have less and less followers. Which brings me to my next tip.

Tip #2: Where there are no posts, there are no readers.

Okay, looking at that again it sounds a little rude. What I mean by that is when you have nothing for readers to read, there are very little readers. This is just my experience, but I have noticed that when I take big breaks in between posts (which I tend to) my views go way down. Then again, you may not be blogging to have an audience, which I think is the most stress-free blogging. However, it is always nice to know you have somebody reading your posts.

Tip #3: Interviews? YES. Blog Features? YES.

I have noticed that interviews are always a favorite. Remember, your favorite authors have websites where you can email them! Why not email them and ask them some questions along with their permission to post it? You can also do fellow blogger interviews, or interviews with family and friends. Blog features are not only interesting and different, but they are fun to do. What is a blog feature? Two examples are Random Fridays and Top Ten Tuesdays.

Tip #4: Have someone read and edit your blog posts.

I am terrible at grammar. Like, awful. I almost always have someone read through my posts and check my writing because when I write I make a ton of mistakes.

Tip #5: Find out how to customize your blog to make it fit you.

If it’s your blog, why should it not be you? Make sure you know how to give the blog your own personal touch, because it should be just like you: not the same as anything else out there.

Tip #6: Know what you’re getting into.

For me, blogging can require a lot at times. And I admit, it can be really hard. I am a typically busy person who when she does find little moments of rest she prefers to read or spend time with family. I had a really tough time getting used to the idea that my blog was a part of things I could do. Basically, I forgot I had it sometimes. And when I remembered, I didn’t know what to write about because I was still finding out what my blog was about. That was okay, because I didn’t have to write a post every other day or so. But… Instead of being days, the breaks between my posts would span into weeks. And then…well, refer back to Tip #2…

Tip #7: Find out what is important to you and write about it.

This also goes for writing in general. When you care about what you are writing it makes your writing better. Trust me. This can mean writing about books, sharing your own writing, writing about movies or writing about your life in general. Just make sure you care.

Tip #8: Don’t be discouraged. 

This may be the most important tip of all. Readers, this blog has been up for what, 4 months? And I have around 10 or so followers. That’s fine with me. I know that eventually I will get more. For some blogs it takes years. In fact, I know some bloggers that have been dutifully blogging for 3 or more years, and are only recently getting a bunch of followers. Their secret to success? They don’t look at numbers. The only way to be happy with the number of your followers is to be patient. If you truly care about your blog and take care of it, you will get there.


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