Identity Crisis

Two of my friends recently asked me to show them my blog. After looking at some of the posts, they questioned the name Searching The Clouds. I believe the conversation went like this:

“So, Rose, what are you searching the clouds for?”

“Well, I mean, sort of everything.”

“Oh-kay. But, like, for people?”

“Um, I don’t really know…”

“Then where did you get the name? Don’t tell me you just tried a bunch of names and then decided this one sounded the coolest.”

“Whaaat? Psh. No.”

At this point I thanked them for looking at my blog, took my computer and sort of walked away quickly.

This experience leaves me with one question:

Do I need a new name?

Please tell me what you think. I have come up with 3 possible names, which you’ll find in the poll.


7 thoughts on “Identity Crisis

  1. Jane Blogger says:

    Firstly, those ladies are a bit creepy.
    Secondly, STC is such a cool name! Someone else has it?
    A lot of people have the name ‘The Anything Blog’ for their blog, too.
    Well, I hope you find a good name. Be sure to stop by my blog soon :)

  2. rosetyler01 says:

    Haha. They weren’t female. That will make them a little upset… ;)
    I don’t think anyone else has it, but their comments made me rethink it. Please feel free to vote! I have a tie for first right now; and remember, you can vote more than once.

  3. Jane Blogger says:

    :D I sure will, although It’s hard. If you change ‘Searching the Clouds” you’ll have to replace the background. I mean, if it was something about stars that’s be easy, but what if you have a name like The Anything Blog?
    What do you put in a background then?
    What is a girl to do.

  4. Jane Blogger says:

    I’m going through the same problem! I realized that when people read my blog’s name, they’re going to think I blog about anything other than books,writing,or blogging itself. :'(

  5. Jane Blogger says:

    Changing the name of ‘The Anything Blog’ to ‘Words From The Heart’
    Well, I might
    but before I can I have to get input from readers, so please comment :)
    Changing the name will mean changing the adress….etc, a whole big problem

    • rosetyler01 says:

      I understand your dilemma. I suggest sticking with The Anything Blog, for now at least. A change this big might require a little thought to mull it over. That’s why Searching the Clouds is still Searching the Clouds right now.

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