Looking Back on 2013 and Saying Hello to 2014


As 2014 approaches, I couldn’t help thinking: this is the year STC became STC. This was my first year blogging!

Thinking about that, I decided I would do a 2013 year in review for Searching The Clouds.

Feel free to join in, if you’d like! Just use the picture above and link my blog in your post.

1. My Favorite Posts

In order from oldest to newest:

Pinterest Try: S’mores Cookies (Mainly because it was such a fail and at the same time such a success)

An Evening With Heather Vogel Frederick! (It was such a fangirl moment)

My Tips To Fellow (Beginning) Bloggers (Information I wish someone had given me)

If I Were… (Because it describes me in a nutshell)

2. My Favorite Book Review

13 Little Blue Envelopes  (For some reason I find it easier to review books I didn’t particularly like then books I did)

3. My Favorite Blog Feature Post

Random Friday: Quotes (I really love quotes)

There would be more, but I’m not going to list my least favorite posts. They’re basically anything before November. If you are participating, feel free to do more of your year review. It was also short because I did start STC in September.

And finally, some blogger goals for 2014.

1. Start my own blog feature.

As you might have seen, Pin It! Mondays sort of flopped. It ended when I couldn’t find a picture for it and Mondays became too hard for me. So this year I really want to start a feature that others can get into.

2. Never take big breaks between posts like I did this year.

Ugh. I was horrible this year with taking big breaks between blog posts. I hope that 2014 will be very different in that aspect.

3. Post some of my writing.

Why am I afraid to post my writing? I don’t know. I guess fear of plagiarism has always haunted me. But in 2014 I will hopefully post my own writing.

4. Maybe get some awards.

That should really say be worthy of getting awards.

5. Figure out how to really utilize my blog.

I am still learning the ropes of WordPress. The little things at the end of the page took quite a while to get there. I definitely want to explore with using different themes and different background pictures.

And finally, I want to thank you for sticking with Searching The Clouds and our rocky, roller coaster year! You guys are seriously the best.

See you all in 2014!



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