Teavana Tea Review

I recently went to the fabulous store Teavana with my amazing Auntie E, Mom, and cousin LoLo (before we got snowed in). Not DW names, I know. Anyway, while there I purchased three different teas: White Chocolate Peppermint TeaOrange Chocolate Sweet Spice Tea, and CoCoCaramel Sea Salt Tea. I have tried them all, and thought I would do reviews for each one. Can you tell I like chocolate?

White Chocolate Peppermint Tea:

Description: Inspired by decadent Holiday treats, this rooibos mingles rich, creamy white chocolate balanced exquisitely with cocoa bits and the flavor of crushed candy cane pieces. Surprise your senses with a gifted cup of this calorie and caffeine free rooibos perfect for sharing with family and friends.

Rating overall: 8

Why I Bought It: They had an in-store sample which was delicious.

Review: This tea has a sort of blending, soft taste. The peppermint is prominent, and you only get a hint of the chocolate, which is just enough. The peppermint can be overwhelming, though. This tea is very smooth, and reminds me a bit of a peppermint tea that I had when I was younger from Trader Joe’s. It is aromatic too, which is nice.

What I Would Change: The peppermint. It is a little too strong for me, so I would take away some of that flavoring.

Verdict: It is now one of my favorite teas.

Orange Chocolate Sweet Spice Tea:

Description: Decadent rich chocolate marries elegant Italian style orange marmalade to evoke the flavor of chocolate covered orange slices. Threads of sweet chili threads unite this dynamic cup by adding a whisper of heat and spice to the infusion.

Rating Overall: 4

Why I Bought It: The lady at the store said it tasted like chocolate oranges. Also, it was on sale.

Review: I don’t have much to say because I only took a few sips when I tried it yesterday. This tea is very, very strong. The orange completely takes the stage, pushing the chocolate to the side. It tastes like a spicy orange.

What I Would Change: I think they were going in the right direction when they put chocolate and orange together. I would leave out the spice that makes the orange prominent.

Verdict: I might give this another shot. But definitely NOT on my favorites shelf. 

CoCoCaramel Sea Salt Tea:

Description: The artistically balancing of distinct tastes of sweet and salty is a popular trend with today’s chocolatiers. We’ve made this trend our own with a scrumptious fusion of sweet caramel, decadent chocolate, a hint of cream and a light sprinkling of sea salt. When the mood for self-indulgence strikes, soothe the sweet tooth in this rich and yummy chocolaty herbal blend.

Rating Overall: 7

Why I Bought It: Two words. The. Smell. One of the best things my nose has ever experienced.

Review: I cannot describe to you the incredible smell this thing gives off. However, I can describe the taste. This is what I am drinking as I write this, and it is very weak. I should have let it steep longer, but my mistake. It tastes like it smells, only not as strong. It has the perfect combination of chocolate, caramel, and salt to make it a rich, creamy blend. Just make sure you steep it for a long time.

What I Would Change: Obviously, to let it steep for a much longer time.

Verdict: I will definitely revisit this tea, along with a longer brew time.

My next tea adventure? I want to try WonderBerry Chocolate Truffle Tea.


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