Wednesday Playlist

A while ago I did a Wednesday Playlist. Though I’m not going to do it every week, I thought I would revisit it.


1. Skinny Love by Bon Iver

Needs no explanation.

2. Little Games by The Colourist

This is one of my favorite running songs.

3. Team by Lorde

Yes, I did like Royals. No, I don’t think she’s a one-hit wonder. This song proves my point.

4. Cosmic Love by Florence + The Machine

I have loved this song since I saw an amazing dance to it on So You Think You Can Dance.

5. Boogie Shoes by KC and the Sunshine Band

A total stop-what-you’re-doing-and-dance song.

6. Lonely Boy by The Black Keys

Gotta love The Black Keys. Plus, this song is my song for my brother Mickey.

7. Stuck On You by New Politics

This is a song I just happened to stumble across on the radio one day.

8. Gold (Acoustic) by Owl City

I like the acoustic better than the original, much to my other brother Jack’s disapproval (he says the originals are always the best).

9. Households by Sleeping At Last

This songs makes me so nostalgic.

10. Kandi by One EskimO

I love this song.

That’s it for today. Little bit of alternative, little bit of retro, little bit of melodic. Sorry I haven’t been blogging lately; it’s been a hectic week.


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