Top Ten Tuesday: Books That Made Me Cry


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I love books that make me cry. And there are so many different ways I cry over books; full out bawling, barely letting out a few tears, and tears streaming down my face silently. You guys know what I mean. So I thought I would put a gif representing what kind of crying I did for each book. (P.S. I’m cheating a little for this one and doing only five.)


1. Allegiant

It was the ending. The part where *SPOILER* Tobias talked about Tris falling into the net. *SPOILER*

Looked Like:


I am ashamed to say.


2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

When *SPOILER* Hedwig and Dobby died. *SPOILER*

Looked Like:





3. Wish You Were Eyre

The ending got me. Knowing it was the last book just made me cry.

Looked Like:


Yup. This sums it up.


4. Little Women

When you-know-who dies.

Looked Like:






5. Between Shades of Gray

This is a sad book all around. I really enjoyed it, but it was certainly a sad thing to read.

Looked Like:


What books made you cry?


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books That Made Me Cry

  1. artsygal3537 says:

    Books that make you cry? Basically all the ones you listed (except Allegiant- I’m waiting for Divergent from the library,) plus “The Running Dream”, “Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry”, and “The Selection”- which actually made me more disgusted at Aspen than sad…

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