My Thoughts on the “Day of Love”

Well, it’s almost Valentine’s Day.

There are generally two responses to this:






My response?

Well, you’ll have to wait until the end for that.

First, let’s talk about the stereotypical response to Valentine’s Day: “Awwww!”

This half of the population are happy. Real happy. They are in relationships with the man/woman of their dreams. They can’t wait to spend Valentine’s Day with this person, and simply thinking about it makes them sigh. They will all get chocolate/flowers/some kind of gift from their other half. This is most likely guaranteed.

Can you know start to see why some us say “Ew.” ?

Let’s talk about the “Ew.” response.

These people are sick of couples, PDA (but really, who isn’t?), and love in general. These people have recently gone through a break-up or are just not dating because of a bad experience and so on. They are tired of seeing ads about the  “perfect one” because they are convinced that he/she doesn’t exist. They are pretty sure no one will be sending them chocolate/flowers/some kind of gift this year.

Do you think I just summed up our population in two paragraphs?


What about the people like me, like my friends, like my family who are excited for Valentine’s Day, but not because of the couples. Because of what it means. 

What is Valentine’s Day about?


Whatever love you have – the love for your family, the love for your friends, the love for your dogs, for your teachers, and, yes, for your boyfriend/girlfriend.

And especially for the love that they have for you in return.

That, readers, is what Valentine’s Day means to me. It is not about the couples, the chocolate, the flowers.

As long as you love and are loved in return, you are doing Valentine’s Day right.

Well, maybe I like the chocolate part too.


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