The Pandemonium of Having an Early Release From School (In Other Words, An Excuse To Use Awesome Gifs)

Sometime around 10 o’clock on Friday morning my German teacher – let’s call her Frau Optimist – got a call. Normally this wouldn’t be cause for alarm, since she gets calls from the office on the classroom phone regularly, but it was on her cell phone. Okay, not freaking out quite yet. Although her phone was on silent, she happened to be walking by and read that it was from our school’s board of education.

And cue every person in our class doing this:


Frau Optimist told us who it was before she answered it, and listened to whatever the recorded message said for what seemed like forever. A list of things that could be wrong passed through my head. We were having a lock-down. There had been a shooting. We needed to evacuate because of an emergency.

Not once, even though it had been snowing ALL DAY, did the thought of an early release occur to me.

Then Frau Optimist wrote on the board:


I could hardly believe it.

Frau Optimist was still on the phone, and our class (being as well behaved as we are) waited until she hung up to start (I’m serious) clapping.

And at least five people in the class did this:


While Frau Optimist did this:


In the end, we got out three hours earlier than normal due to the massive snow storm.

And it was chaos.

People were screaming in the halls, traffic was a beast, and the flurries that had started that morning had turned into a full-blown storm.

But it was totally worth it.

Have you ever had a chaotic early release?


9 thoughts on “The Pandemonium of Having an Early Release From School (In Other Words, An Excuse To Use Awesome Gifs)

  1. Jane Blogger says:

    Hi Rose, firstly I love all the gifs. Secondly, I made like a thousand comments and whenever I look for them they don’t come up! :c They’re all regarding the anything blog’s pageviews :P

    • Rose Tyler says:

      Hi Jane,
      Firstly, I want to acknowledge that you have been an avid viewer of STC, and I enjoy hearing your input on my posts. However, in the last couple of comments you have made on my posts, you have not been talking about the blog post and instead about your blog. I am happy to approve your comments when you talk about a similar post you had on the Anything Blog, but when it doesn’t have anything to do with the blog post I have written and it is a bit random it leads me to not approve your comments.
      Thank you,

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