Pinterest Try: Piñata Cookies

One word:


But before we get to that, let me set the stage for you.

Piñata Cookies are cookies that have mini M&M’s in the belly of them. When you bite into them the M&M’s pour out like in a piñata.

On Tuesday my friend – Amazing DIY-er – and I got to work on making these little treats. Or maybe I should say humongous treats. They are huge!

At the end of this post, I will decide whether or not it was a Pinterest Success or a Pinterest Fail.

Let us begin.

We had to work for two days – Tuesday and Thursday – on these cookies. On Tuesday we worked on making the dough (we just used a regular sugar cookie recipe – not the one on Pinterest) and dying it the correct colors.

I chose yellow, copper, red (which ending up pink – funny story for another time), burgundy, teal, and purple. Then we stacked the dough in order of color and put it into a plastic container to refrigerate until Thursday. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of this process.

On Thursday Amazing DIY-er and I took the dough out of the refrigerator and cut it into pieces. Then we lined the pieces up for cutting with a cookie cutter.

Now, the recipe I saw on Pinterest used a horse cookie cutter, but we didn’t have one so instead we used a duck cookie cutter. Turns out ducks are a lot cutter than horses!

After we cut out the ducks we cut out small egg-shaped holes in them. Next we baked the ducks (holes and all). Whatever dough recipe you decide to use just bake them for that amount of time. Once that was over, it was time for putting them together!

You have to have three cookies for one duck – two on the outside without holes and one on the inside with the hole. How were we going to put that together? We made our own delicious adhesive with meringue powder, powdered sugar, and a little milk. Amazing DIY-er came up with that idea, and we colored it yellow so that if it oozed out the cookies it wouldn’t look too wrong. Now for pictures!

photo 4

Here is my arm frosting the ducks! As you can see, we also put the M&M’s in the holes in the middle part of the ducks.

photo 1

Before the glue/frosting.

photo 2

Another picture of my mad frosting skills.

Then we put the third and final piece of the ducks on the top and left them to dry!

While this was happening we realized we had a lot of scraps, so we cut out fun shapes with them. I had so much fun frosting the ducks that Amazing DIY-er (a.k.a amazing baker) taught me more about frosting with the left-over cookies.


Here are our creations. I think I had a little too much fun…

Finally, after drying, the ducks were done!

Now for the final product!





I think we did fantastic! They were also scrumptious!

So, now the verdict. Pinterest Success…or Pinterest Fail?

Let’s compare.

Piñata Cookies-1 V.S. _MG_8160

I think Pinterest Success!

It was all thanks to Amazing DIY-er’s help. You’re the best! Find her incredible business here and the recipe I found on Pinterest here. Oh, and the original Pinterest Try here.


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