February in Review


I’ve decided to start a new feature for Searching the Clouds which, at the beginning of a new month/end of old month, goes over your blog’s month. Feel free to join in, and I hope I remember to do one every month. If you want to participate, just use whatever image I choose for the month and follow the basic formula I set out.

February. The dreaded gloomy, snowy, lovey-dovey month. Surprisingly not a bad month for STC.

Here is the month in review:


Screen shot 2014-03-04 at 4.22.40 PM

I got more views than January, which was my month to beat! And November, when my Interview with HVF went “viral” (Heh. What I mean by that is she posted it on her blog leading to a ton of traffic on mine. Thanks, HVF!).

This makes me feel like this:


I’ll admit, I still didn’t get more viewers than November, but I’m getting there!

Things I Added:

-The recent post widget over there —>

-The gif of Rapunzel looking out at the lanterns (a.k.a. me looking out at the world). That is also over there —>

-I updated my About page.

Things I Got Rid Of:

Nothing this month.

Books I Read:

sapphire-blue-1 selection-stories-1ruby-electric-1ruby-red

Books I Reviewed:


I know. I know.



Read it here.

Books I Am Still Reading:


About halfway through. I will be reviewing this one, I promise.

Top Five Posts:


Top Ten Tuesday: Books That Made Me Swoon

The Pandemonium of Having an Early Release From School (In Other Words, An Excuse To Use Awesome Gifs)

When Books Totally Psych You Out (A Reader Rant)

My Thoughts on the “Day of Love”

Posts You Might Have Missed:

Ruby Red

Pinterest Try: Piñata Cookies

Anything Else?:

This month I started going to my public library once a week, and I’m a happy girl.

That’s it for February. I felt like it was a good month, but I’m glad it’s March now.

How was your February?


7 thoughts on “February in Review

  1. Emma says:

    I love that you’re using the picture of Rapunzel! Just like how the Belle one fits my blog very well, the Rapunzel one fits yours. :)

  2. artsygal3537 says:

    Wooh! I have been following your blog since January 29th and i really hope that more followers come your way soon. My friends and I have recently started a blog of our own and we’ve only gotten 300 something pageviews- no followers yet!

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