An Interview With Author Lynette Noni!

I recently stumbled upon Lynette Noni’s blog, and I got very excited and decided to read through all of her posts – like a very creepy, stalker-ish person. I then came across a post where she did an interview with one of her blogger friends. I thought to myself, hey, I’m a blogger! Why not be blogger friends and do an interview (well, maybe my idea process was a little more complex than that)? So I described my proposition to Lynette, and she agreed! But before the interview begins, here is a little about Lynette.

“My name is Lynette–’Lyn’–and I’m 27 years old. I’ve studied both journalism and academic writing, but I graduated from university with a degree in Human Behaviour (random, I know) which means I have a knack for reading not just books, but people as well. (But I love reading books more than people).

It’s my dream to become an author of Young Adult novels, but when I’m not reading or writing, you can find me watching a Disney movie, helping out with the young adults ministry at my local church, working part-time at a glamour photography studio, or lying on a beach somewhere – most likely with my Kindle.”

(Taken from Lynette Noni’s “About” page on her blog)

Now, without further ado, my interview with Lynette Noni!

1. Quick! Tell us five random facts about yourself!

  1. I love baking – I do it when I’m stressed, when I’ve got the munchies, and when I’m procrastinating the important things in life.
  2. When I was five I entered a competition at an amusement park where I had to snort like a pig into a microphone in front of hundreds of people. I gave such a stellar performance that the koala-costumed host presented me with a free ice-cream voucher. What can I say? I was a gifted child.
  3. I exercise every day. This might not seem like a huge deal, but up until two years ago my definition of ‘exercise’ involved walking from the bookshelf to the couch. (Exhausting!)
  4. I’m terrible at remembering names and faces. I have to say a person’s name at least three times upon introduction—while creepily staring at them as if trying to memorise every single pore on their face—for there to be even a chance of me recognising them the next time we cross paths. (Okay, so I’m not that bad, but almost!)
  5. I tend to overshare. And ramble. If you’ve read any of my blog, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

2. As a writer, do you find reading gives you inspiration? Or does it distract you?

I think everything we connect with in life can leave an impression on our actions and our thoughts. The books I read, the movies I watch, the people I meet, the places I visit… anything and everything can become a source of inspiration for me. As for the distraction, I tend to either be in a reading mood or a writing mood, and I’m not great at doing both simultaneously – and that’s mostly because if I’m in one world, I like to stay there until I’ve finished either writing or reading about it.

3. Speaking of reading, do you have a love of a reading like your love of writing?

I’m obsessed with reading. I love it. I devour books like zombies devour flesh. (But there’s much less ickiness with reading, fortunately). So, the answer is a definite ‘yes’.

4. How did you start writing?

After I graduated from university I had a few months to play around with before I was due to take off on an overseas ‘adventure’. I had a lot of free time when I wasn’t working and, well, I was bored! I ended up using that time to channel my overactive imagination into writing a book.

5. What can you tell us about your upcoming novel, Akarnae?

In a nutshell, it’s about a sixteen-year-old girl who finds herself stuck in another world where she attends a school for people with extraordinary gifts while she searches for a way back home.

6. Was getting your book published difficult? What advice would you give to aspiring authors who are having a hard time?

Writing a book is the easy part; everything after that is the real challenge! There are many ups and downs, especially emotionally. Rejection is part of the package, as is the waiting, waiting, and more waiting. You definitely need to have patience because the publishing world moves at the rate of a very old, very sick snail. Or one of those Galapagos turtles. Whichever is slower, that’s how quickly things happen in the publishing industry. So make sure you spend all that waiting time believing in yourself and working on your next project. If writing is something you’re truly passionate about, then don’t give up – one day it will all hopefully be worth it!

7. How many books are you currently working on? Can you tell us a little bit about them?

I’m about to start working with a professional editor on Akarnae, but until then I’m cleaning up the second book in the series before sending it off for approval. I’ve also recently sent my publishers another YA fantasy (for a different series) and I’m waiting to hear their response. As for other my projects, I have maybe fifteen-to-twenty story ideas that are in various stages of planning/writing (yikes!). But my focus for now is on Akarnae and getting it out to the world!

Isn’t she lovely? Thank you, Lynette!

13 thoughts on “An Interview With Author Lynette Noni!

  1. Lynette Noni says:

    Reblogged this on Lynette Noni and commented:
    For those of you who have been wanting to know a little more about me and my writing, the fabulous Rose from Searching The Clouds has posted the following interview. I had so much fun answering her questions – thanks, Rose!

  2. Desiree B says:

    Nice interview! This gives me encouragement to keep working on my own novel and getting it out to the world. As well as enduring rejection slips and the snail-like waiting period.

    I’ll be looking forward to your novel! :)

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