Elusion Giveaway!

In my last post about Divergent I briefly mentioned a giveaway. Well, I wasn’t lying and to celebrate the awesomeness of Divergent I decided to give away my copy of Elusion by Claudia Gabel and Cheryl Klam.

I have recently found out that WordPress does not allow me to host a giveaway via Rafflecopter. This makes me really sad, since that was how I was going to host the giveaway. But, fear not, I got creative.

I decided to list what you need to do to get more entries here, and then you can email me (email will be listed at the bottom of the page) with what you did.

Follow Searching the Clouds (+5)

Make sure you tell me which email you used to follow it.

Leave a Comment on Any Post (+3)

Why Do You Want To Win Elusion? (+3)

Why are you interested in it? You can be totally honest, and say you just wanted to enter a giveaway if that’s why you entered. :)

Share an Idea for a Blog Post (+2)

You can do this daily.

Share Your Opinion (+2)

Think back to some of my older posts. Are there any you really liked/didn’t like?

Share Your Blog (+2)

If you have a blog that you would like me to check out, let me know. You will then be mentioned when I announce the winners!

There will be one winner (as there is only one copy) and the giveaway will be up for one week.

You can email me here:

rose [dot] t [dot] stc [at] gmail [dot] com


7 thoughts on “Elusion Giveaway!

  1. Emma says:

    There may be a way you can copy the link to the giveaway and just link to it, instead of installing the widget. :) Just a suggestion, because tallying entries yourself can be very cumbersome!

    But anyways, I follow your blog on Bloglovin’ (the email with that account is MDBCnumber1fan@gmail.com) and I want to win Elusion because it’s been on my TBR list for quite some time now, plus I’m head-over-heels for the cover.

    • Rose Tyler says:

      Thanks for entering, Emma! I will count this as a comment for the entry, but I hope you won’t mind emailing me this. It just makes it easier for me to keep track of the entries. Thanks!

  2. Jane Blogger says:

    Hi Rose,
    For my entry:
    My opinion: I think that you should do some more reviews. My favorite was “13 Little Blue Envelopes.” That was fun to read.
    Next up, an idea for a blog post.
    Maybe you could share some tips about writing, on a blog or no blog.
    Next: I want to win Elusion because I have never read it. As you most porbably know, I am always eager to read new books (to me).
    You know my blog but here it is: Theanythingblogforpeoplewhochat . blogspot . com.
    I follow your blog.
    Does this count as one big comment?
    – Jane

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