Disney Thursday #1: Websites


Welcome to the first Disney Thursday! Today I am going to be listing the websites (technically they’re all blogs but…) that helped me plan, prepare, and wait patiently (hah) for my trip to WDW.

  1. Oh My Disney – This is a blog run by Disney, and they always have something witty to say about Disney in general.
  2. The Disney Food Blog – Two of my favorite things in one. They have great tips on what to eat, and I’m not just saying that because I have eaten most of the things they suggest…
  3. All Ears – When I need a WDW fix, this is where I go. They tell me everything that’s going on at Walt Disney World, and it’s the best I can do when I am stuck here.
  4. DIS – For all the news at Disney, visit this one.
  5. Disney Hipster Blog – Although I am far from a hipster, it’s always fun to read what they have to say.

That’s it for today! Check back next week for another Disney Thursday.


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