Against the Rain


The sun is struggling

Against the rain

Something heavy hangs in the air

The sky has shrouded itself in robes of black and gray

Suddenly there is silence

And all is still

Too still

The trees have stopped swaying to their slow rhythm

No longer waving their branches fluidly

The birds have taken flight

No longer oblivious to the anticipation in the air

The rain has come

It begins slowly

A drizzle

Tap dancing on every surface it can find

But suddenly a clap of thunder rumbles overhead

And a crack of lightning slashes through the gloomy skies

The rain is now propelling through the air

No longer just falling freely

Instead it has purpose

Then it stops

There is silence

As suddenly as it came

It is gone

The birds have returned

And so has the sun

It pushes and shoves its way through the clouds

Free of the dreariness that once controlled it

Now it steaks across the sky

Bright and blinding

Against the rain


2 thoughts on “Against the Rain

  1. Anne says:

    Beautiful. The descriptive language is so (haha) descriptive. I really love how you repeat against the rain – but only twice, and at the beginning and the end. Good job!

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