Disney Thursday: Disney Decision


Welcome to the second (and last) Disney Thursday! To see the first post, click here.

For this post I am going to be telling you what I have decided to do about blogging from Walt Disney World. It has taken a lot of consideration, and there were many things to keep in mind when I made my decision. For example, here are a couple pros and cons I had to think of.


-I will always be able to remember my trip having documented it here

-It would be a lot of fun to “take you all there with me”

-Others can learn from my Disney experience


-I am always exhausted when we get back to the hotel – I may fall asleep before I write the post or write a poor post because I am so tired

-It would be a big fuss to the get the pictures I took during the day on my phone transferred onto my computer for the posts

With these things in mind, I’ve made a decision to blog.

But wait!

Try to blog, that is.

I know what you’re saying. “Do or do not, there is no try.”

No, sorry, that was Yoda, but you’re probably thinking something along those lines. Well, I’ll explain my plan a little more thoroughly.

  • I’m going to plan to blog every night – but this does not guarantee a blog post everyday.
  • I’m not going to tell you my entire day, from getting up to getting back to the hotel. Too time consuming and tedious. Instead I will just give you a couple highlights, and if there’s anything that went wrong or something that I wouldn’t advise I will let you know (vice versa with things I would recommend)
  • I’m probably only going to post a couple pictures…sorry to those who like to scroll through travel posts and look mostly at the pictures…I know how you feel.
  • If I think it is too difficult to blog everyday, or even at all, I am not going to blog. This is a vacation for me, and if I decide that blogging is costing me too much effort every night, I will not do it.

Okay, that’s out of the way. Now you all are wondering when this is actually going to happen. Well, I’ve decided to surprise you guys and not tell you until I am actually there.

This brings Disney Thursday to a close! I hope everyone has a good rest of Holy Week.


3 thoughts on “Disney Thursday: Disney Decision

  1. Sahara says:

    Since Disney owns the rights to Star Wars now, you are freely within your rights to quote Yoda as part of your Disney Blogging Declaration! :) Also, looking forward to reading about your adventure!

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