Disney Trip: Day #1

Before I get started, I just wanted to say that further explanation of my style of writing is going to be explained in another post (not sure when it will be up). Also, please, please, please note that I am writing this as a part of a big group. You may find that some of my advice does not apply to every group. With that, feast your eyes on this.

photo 2-5

What better way to start the day than waking up to this amazing sunrise over the lake? After admiring the dazzling image above, my family and I got ready for breakfast. Where did we eat breakfast, you say? Well, only a little place called…


Chef Mickey’s! This brings me to share my first Disney Tip: If you have young kids and you want them to be entertained the whole meal, this is a great place to go to. However, I noticed (not only with my own cousins, but with the kids around me as well) that kids don’t want to eat if their favorite characters are walking around. The same goes for all character breakfasts. But if you don’t mind your kids only eating half of their breakfasts and being entertained, I would definitely suggest Chef Mickey’s.

After our delicious meal, we took the monorail over to Epcot. We mainly stayed away from World Showcase since we had a lot of little ones with us and they wanted to go on rides like Figment and Nemo. Not that I am complaining, of course! My immediate family and I did manage to sneak off to Test Track, and here’s another Disney Tip: If you feel comfortable doing it, you should definitely do single riders (on any ride that has the option). The line for single riders is usually as short or shorter than Fastpass, so you can get in and get out and even do it again!

photo 1-5

I’m the one in the gray. I’m absolutely tiny compared to the Epcot ball…

After a quick snack in Mexico (yum) we headed back to the resort for some downtime. I always recommend factoring in time near the middle of your day for your family to rest and recharge before heading back to the park. It was a little too chilly to go for a swim, so I don’t have any pictures of the pool (sorry the Epitome of Grace!). After having a little R&R, we headed out to Magic Kingdom for one of the best meals I’ve had in WDW.

Yes, it rotates...

Excuse the bad lightning, but it is very dark in there and my flash was turned off as curtesy to the other diners.

Recognize this? Some of you who have visited recently may, while those who haven’t in a while may not. It is in Be Our Guest, one of the newest restaurants in WDW. Let me just tell you, it is amazing – and I’m not only talking about the food. The detail they put into the “palace” is stunning, and even though it wasn’t quite what I expected, it surprised me in the best way.

Three main things about Be Our Guest that you should keep in mind if you decide to dine there:

– As said before, the detail kept making me gasp. Make sure you look all over the castle, not just the room where you are dining…there are a lot of special tidbits from the movie that you won’t be able to appreciate if you don’t explore a little

– Three words: French. Onion. Soup. One word: Incredible. If you are not a soup-y or onion-y kind of person, skip this one. But trust me, if you appreciate soup you are not going to want to miss out on this.

– Dessert tip (the very best kind of tip): When the waitress comes over to your table with the cart full of scrumptious looking delights, try to calm yourself. Don’t get hasty and order five of everything, which I assure you you will feel like doing. Instead, ask everyone around the table what they would like, then get one/two of the most popular desserts and pass them around the table. Might I suggest the “Gray Stuff”? It’s delicious. Don’t believe me? Ask the dishes!

Sorry. Movie moment. Anyway, those are some things that you should remember if you want to have a great experience there.

Next we headed off to ride a couple rides (Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear, Ariel’s Grotto, etc.) and finally did one loop on the train and came back here, to the hotel.

We had a fun time today, and I can’t wait for tomorrow!

-Rose, signing off all the way from Disney


9 thoughts on “Disney Trip: Day #1

  1. thebookheap says:

    I’m so incredibly jealous. I need to get my backside over to disneyworld somehow. Shame it costs a ridiculous amount of money : ( I went to disneyland paris when I was 7 but I hardly remember it, le woe.

    • Rose Tyler says:

      I know. Fortunately my family has been saving up for this trip for who knows how long, and my advice to you is start a one-way bank account so that you can only put money in, not get it out (until you are ready to go to Disney, that is).

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