Disney Trip Pictures

The pictures finally worked! Hurrah!

Without further ado, the rest of my Walt Disney World trip (read about my first day here) in pictures.


In front of Beast’s Castle…


I love this picture.


The “grey stuff” they brought for my mom’s birthday…it was delicious!



The beautiful chandelier that was at Be Our Guest.


At Hollywood Studios, wearing the hat.


Walking down Main Street in the morning for my birthday – there were hardly any people!




I felt tiny.


The most wonderful cake I have ever received in my life. My family surprised me at the Liberty Tree Tavern. :)



In front of my second favorite Disney ride, Expedition Everest. One of my favorite things to do was stand right there and wave as the people went up the huge climb. I loved getting so many waves back!


I liked to do it as they went down, too.



Positively scrumptious cream puffs in France. Probably one of my favorite places to eat in Epcot and, actually, all of WDW.



When in Morocco, wear fezzes. Especially if you are a Whovian.


Okay, a couple things about these pictures. First, that is a shirt I bought in Downtown Disney – and I love it. Oh, and this is currently my Twitter profile picture!


Last night in Disney – we went to MK. It was so much fun. This is the last Disney picture – thanks for looking! Do you have any WDW pictures\memories to share?


13 thoughts on “Disney Trip Pictures

  1. thebookheap says:

    Ahhhj I swear I could go there and only visit Fantasyland and be happy. The amount of detail in the landscaping is amazing! Glad you had a lovely time!

  2. emily =) says:

    Ah, Disney World. The happiest place on Earth! :) (Right next to Disney Land, of course.) I went… three years ago, and I really want to go back because there’s so many new things already! I’m actually going on a disney cruise in November, though, so WDW will have to wait. ;)

    • Rose Tyler says:

      You see, that’s the thing. Believe it or not, I’ve never actually gone to Disneyland…They never seem to stop adding, do they? Oh how fun! Have a lovely time! :)

      • emily =) says:

        I’ve never been to DL, either, but you can’t completely discount it because it was the first disney “world.” :P Lol I’m reading a book called “How to be like Walt” so as you can imagine I’m rather obsessed with everything Disney at the moment, haha.

      • Rose Tyler says:

        Oh, don’t get me wrong! I do plan on going there one day, but I do know that is a lot more to do at WDW. That sounds awesome! Walt is one of my role models. :) Have you read the Kingdom Keepers?

  3. Hanan says:

    I LOVE DISNEY WORLD!!!! I was 7 the last time I went, but I still remember it being magical…. and being close to tears because i couldn’t get a princess makeover. :)

  4. JB says:

    Oh, WDW is my favorite! You look like you had a blast. I haven’t been since the new princess castles were added, but my mom did (she goes like, once a year–without me!) and gave me a tour via FaceTime of Belle’s castle. It’s so pretty! Can’t wait to get back to that magical place!

    • Rose Tyler says:

      I certainly did! Ooh, I hate to say this but if I had the chance to go to WDW once a year, even if it meant going without my daughter, well, I’d go! ;) It is gorgeous! I hope you are able to go there soon!

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