Why June is the Worst Month for STC

Let’s face it: I am definitely one of the most inconsistent bloggers out there.


And during June? No exception. So you know how I love to reassure you that I will definitely be trying my hardest to post more?


Well, I can’t bring myself to do that now. I know that I will probably have around 5 posts this month at best, purely because June is always such a busy month for me. Something about the end of the year (call it senoritis if you must) makes me restless and procrastination-prone. So, basically, this is a post to say sorry with an excessive amount of gifs. Here are some more just to finish it off:

You when you read the title of this post:


Me when I realized I hadn’t posted for a little less than a week:


Me during finals weeks (yes, there are more than one – this week and last week, and yes, I know it is late in the year):


Writing this post…and writing it again…and trying to write it again:


Answering my friend when she asked what this post was about:


My friend right after hearing what it was about:


My friend after thinking about what it was about for a while:


Okay, that’s enough for right now. Hopefully finals won’t crush my motivation to blog entirely!


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