You’re Looking at a Published Reviewer!

…Well, almost.

Over the weekend I read two ARCs to review for a teen literary magazine. I’m not quite certain if I can share the titles yet, but if you are my friend on Goodreads you will probably be able to find out which books I read.

They were both middle school level books, which was hard – it’s  difficult for me to review books if they are below my level of reading. That was a challenge. But it was definitely worth it because:

A) I got to read two unreleased books, regardless of the level of reading.

B) The Best Librarian Ever and I read/reviewed the same books, so…

C) We went to a lovely cafe together where we sat and had lunch and reviewed the books together.

D) We went to Barnes and Nobles together afterwards, where I bought the entire store.

So all in all, a very successful break from StC. Sorry it took almost the whole month…

Once the books come out I am allowed to post my reviews here, but they will be modified. Unfortunately I was unable to review the books under the name Rose Tyler, so they will be under my real name – which is also why I am leaving out the name of the magazine.

So, that is what has happened since I last posted. That and finals, school ending, and me having a too-busy week despite it being summer.

I am going on vacation on the 1st, and I might be able to post during my vacation, but probably not. I do have a couple reviews to post, but I would like to be sure that I am able to be consistent before I start posting reviews again.

Thank you guys for staying with me even when I am a crazy blogger! Hopefully I will learn eventually to be more consistent…


10 thoughts on “You’re Looking at a Published Reviewer!

  1. eclecticalli says:

    So cool! Congrats!
    I keep feeling like I should try to do some book-reviewing, I love to read, I love to tell others about what I’ve read… but when I try to put it down on paper in some sort of useful way, things just fall apart. I’m glad there are people out there like you who are actually GOOD at doing such things so I can continue to sit back and idly ponder the idea.

    • Rose Tyler says:

      Aww! Thank you so much! That just made my day! :) And don’t forget, how would us reviewers be here if we hadn’t “sat and idly pondered the idea”? My advice is to start small by modeling your reviews after another reviewer’s format, until you feel comfortable to find your own. Once you make your own format, post the reviews and voila!

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