Work in Progress

Don’t worry! I haven’t forgotten about you!

This summer has flown by, and I have been busy working on posts for this upcoming fall. Towards the beginning of July, I decided I needed to use this summer as a little long break. Which means that besides this little blurb, I will be out of the office until September (but I am still technically working, just not posting yet).

What is new with me? Well, I have some pretty great news. Not only was I able to complete (with much difficulty and much help from my lovely editor, the Best Librarian Ever) the magazine reviews, but I went on a Mission Trip with my church where I was able to help fix a house. It was gratifying work, and my heart truly was changed, not only by working, but by the sessions we received each night. Now, this isn’t some sappy thing that I am obligated to say. No, it was so amazing that I just had to share how in love I am with the Lord. I don’t think I emphasize that I am a Christian enough on this blog, which is why I may start another one just about that.

StC will stay strictly book based, however.

Let’s see, what else… I was offered (two? three?) books to review this summer but had to turn them down because they were independently published, which is why I am changing my review policy to accept independently published books!


I really wanted an excuse to use this gif…

Also, I am adding my review policy and review format up here, so that you needn’t email me to get it.

Look for a new design soon! I’m having difficulty deciding which one I want, so it may not be up for a whole.

I think that’s all for right now! Thanks for sticking with me through my little long break!

I’ll be back come fall.


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