One Year Blogoversary!

Today marks Searching the Clouds’ one year blogoversary!*




In case you can’t tell, I’m pretty excited.

Let’s take a quick walk through the past year.


I started StC determined to be more than just a book blog (although I wanted books to be the base). I dived right into the blogging community very, very quickly, participating in features and making up my own (*groan of embarrassment*). My first ever review was 13 Little Blue Envelopes, which contained pretty much no format and a harsh judgement indeed. By the end of September, I was faltering a little in my confidence (didn’t most blogs get recognition instantly? What was I doing wrong?) but ready to start a new month.


I got my first comment from a fellow blogger! Emma from Awkwordly Emma posted a comment on a Random Friday and suddenly the blogging world didn’t seem too bad. I also announced that I was going to be participating in a little thing called NaNoWriMo…


My first Pinterest Try! To much success, I might add… Then I interviewed HVF, and BAM! I was getting more page views and visitors than I knew what to do with! But… who knew NaNoWriMo would be so difficult for me? I certainly had no idea it would be that hard to reach my goal (which I ultimately didn’t reach, much to my disappointment).


My Tips to Fellow (Beginning) Bloggers went viral (hah, not quite, but it certainly felt like it…) and this time without a famous author to give it some publicity! I had a slight identity crisis (which was averted, thank goodness). Finally, I said goodbye to 2013 and resolved to be a better blogger in 2014.


2014 was off to a fantastic start! I was blogging more frequently, reviewing more books and even posting some of my own writing. I was sure that this year I would be much more consistent!


More of everything! I tried very hard to keep the page views up to the standards January had set, and it worked pretty well. I was in “the zone”.


I decided that it was safe to try and start a feature again (it was not). I got nominated for my very first blog award, the Liebster Award! I published more of my own writing. My second interview with an author was posted! DIVERGENT!


I tried (yet again) to start a feature – I believe I started two, in fact – but to no avail. DISNEY! Though Disney was awesome, it ate up a lot of my month’s blogging (it was totally worth it, however…).


I got a Twitter! More DISNEY! I was so excited for The One, I couldn’t contain it! I got my second nomination for the Liebster Award. I also realized I had 100 followers, which was really an amazing moment for me.


More book reviews! And then I announced the big news


Only 3 measly posts. One including complaints about reviewing books.


I buried my head in my hands in shame at realizing I had only posted once. Oh boy.

Though I haven’t been the most consistent blogger (laugh track here) I have really loved all that I’ve done. Also, the fact that you all are listening to some girl rant about books and cooking and traveling and random things is incredible to me. You truly make it worth it. Thank you so much for sticking with me and buckling up when things got bumpy, not jumping ship. I can’t wait to see what StC has in store for me next.

And what better way to celebrate this momentous a giveaway? Though things are a little tight right now, I have an ARC that is ready to be sent off to the winner!

A tweet will be up soon with details, but for my friends who don’t have a Twitter, simply comment below saying you’d like to participate. I would hate to leave anyone out.

Once again, thank you for giving me an amazing year!

*Actually, yesterday was my true one year Blogoversary. I had posted my first post (unknowingly) on 9/11 last year. However, I did not want to be disrespectful and celebrate on such a day, so this will (from now on) be my official Blogoversary date.

11 thoughts on “One Year Blogoversary!

  1. thebookheap says:

    Congratulations on the anniversary!!

    (* celebrating yesterday would not have been disrespectful at all. Horrid things happen every day and we need to move on with life eventually.As long as you weren’t saying stuff like “it never happened” or” it didn’t matter”- it wouldn’t have been disrespectful at all- though I do understand what you mean though)

    • Rose Tyler says:

      Thank you!

      I see where you are coming from, but 9/11 has affected so many people personally that I did not want to be the one celebrating on that day. I definitely agree with your point, though! :)

  2. eloisedesousa says:

    Congratulations! Wishing you a successful year ahead and looking forward to your posts. No matter what date you choose, someone will have a good or bad memory for the day. I guess it’s a part of our lives forever.

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