Review Policy

Request to review your book must be sent to me through email. If you comment I will most likely ignore it, considering the fact that most commenters are not verified.

I am currently only accepting Young Adult/Middle Grade books, and if I feel that your book has more adult themes I will not be willing to read it. However, I am not very particular genre-wise, although non-fiction does not interest me and you will never see me read a heavy romance.

I do accept self-published books currently. If I accept a book, I can’t guarantee I will finish it or review it. If I don’t finish it, I will most likely still review it, only as a DNF (Did Not Finish), which only differs from one of my regular reviews by the fact that it is shorter and includes why I stopped reading.

Please understand that I genuinely get excited to receive a request, and am always thrilled to review your book. However, if I feel that your book is something I will not be able to read/review I have the right to reject it.

 Thank you!





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