Against the Rain

The sun is struggling Against the rain Something heavy hangs in the air The sky has shrouded itself in robes of black and gray Suddenly there is silence And all is still Too still The trees have stopped swaying to their slow rhythm No longer waving their branches fluidly The birds have taken flight No … Continue reading Against the Rain


The Bookshelf

I sit crossed-legged In front of my bookshelf Inhaling the papery fragrance And slowly sliding my finger over the well-worn bindings I pause Reliving my childhood My memories of reading Of devouring word upon word Book upon book And nostalgia grips my heart When I open my favorite book The pages are familiarities Acceptance And … Continue reading The Bookshelf

I Swing

  I swing Teetering on the edge of the thin wooden plank that separates me from an icy plunge I swing Not being able to decide if I should ignore the ugly lopsided peaks across the water Or appreciate the beautiful snow capped mountains that are staring at me I swing Wondering if I should … Continue reading I Swing