Disney Trip Pictures

The pictures finally worked! Hurrah! Without further ado, the rest of my Walt Disney World trip (read about my first day here) in pictures.      


Home Again, Home Again

Well, my Disney trip is over. Yes, I did just shed a tiny tear writing that first sentence. Okay, now for the guilt part. I have failed to post every day from Disney.¬†Cue guilt gif. Wait! I shouldn't be feeling guilty. I kind of knew this might happen so in the last Disney Thursday post … Continue reading Home Again, Home Again

I’m Here!

This is just a little shout out from Walt Disney World! For the curious whose minds are reeling with questions, we (being my family and I) got here in the afternoon but the bus we took was late so we have barely unpacked and are going to sleep pretty soon. We have an early rise … Continue reading I’m Here!