More on NaNoWriMo

My last post was kind of brief, as I was sort of busy getting my account ready. Well, it's finished now, so I can really focus on what I'm going to be working on. My novel: The Hatter Synopsis (so far): This is a book about a man who makes hats. As he looks over … Continue reading More on NaNoWriMo



So, I tend to think about happy things to get me through Mondays... and today it was DISNEY! That's right, readers, I'm going to Disney. Now, it's not for a while...I mean, I'm going in April...but it's still exciting!! And, I hope I will be able to give you some Disney tricks and tips and … Continue reading DISNEY!

Names And Such

So you must be wondering... Rose Tyler and her brothers Mickey and Jack? What? Well...If you are a Doctor Who fan, like myself,  you will get this instantly. You will find that I name everyone in my life after Doctor Who characters. At least on this blog. So don't be weirded out if these names … Continue reading Names And Such